Tripod Adjustable Ladders
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Tripod adjustable ladders are the most practical ladders for
multi-use applications. These ladders can perform all the
same tasks as an ordinary step ladder, but because all 3
legs can be adjusted independently, it gives the user
different kinds of opportunities to work almost anywhere.

The two front legs can be adjusted quickly and easily with
spring loaded locking pins at 50mm intervals. The third rear
leg can be adjusted with the same mechanism at 150mm
intervals. This allows the ladder to be used on garden steps,
stairs, uneven ground and at virtually any angle on quite
steep slopes, yet providing a stable, safe and comfortable
work position.

Manufactured from welded aluminium alloy extrusions, this
ladder is lightweight yet strong and has a safe working load
of 100kg.

Essentially for trimming hedges, shrubs and trees, these
ladders can be used face-on with the third leg planted into a
hedge or sideways with one side of the base parallel to the
hedge giving the perfect working position.

These tripod ladders have clawed anti-slip feet for grip on
soft surfaces and rubber protective cups can be placed over
these for use on hard surfaces (available as an extra).

They are the most practical access solution for gardeners,
landscapers, tree surgeons amongst other trade services,
for difficult to reach places, working in tight spaces or
straddling obstacles such as low walls, fences or shrubs.

Due to the triangular foot print and easy working position a
second person is not required to support the ladder.  

Models Available
HPM – 180 6ft 7.1kg
HPM – 240 8ft 8.7kg
HPM – 300 10ft 11.2kg
HPM – 360 12ft 12.7kg


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